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Are you ready to QUIT?!

If your serious about quitting and ready to take the next step, leaving behind the cough, smell and not to mention to cost of smoking. Let hypnotherapy help you NOW



How does hypnosis work? Using your goals to change, we speak to your unconcious mind and alter your behaviours. Hypnosis is highly effective, relaxing and prescription free. Its used to treat many issues including Weight loss, Anxiety, Depression, Pain Management & So much more


Need motivation?

Do you have a desire to perform better? To find the motivation you may have lost or never thought you had in the first place? Lets find that motivation within you!


Exams and Study don't have to cause Anxiety

Are you studying? finding its giving you anxiety and stress? Having trouble switching off? Then STOP! Hypno can and will help, caffeine and drug free!


Depression & Anxiety

Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are all too common these days. Are you finding it difficult to cope? Mental health is utmost important to a happy fulfilling life. And if your struggling, you might not even remember what that looks like for you. Lets change that and give yourself the tools to over come what can be such debilitating issues. 


Self Love & Confidence

Are you having trouble accepting compliments? Or find yourself giving everyone else the support they need and never giving yourself that same support, love and care? Lets reprogram your mind to be able to appreciate you and give you that compliment, every time you look in the mirror. Love that person who’s looking back at you once and for all.  

Hypnotherapy is used all over the world. Using Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for a huge and wonderful range of issues. Working together with Natasha she can help Adults and Children with:

Performance – anxiety related, sports enhancement or motivation

Pain management

Addiction help- Stop smoking, decrease alcohol intake, caffeine addiction, cannabis, chocolate, hoarding, gambling, gaming, internet, OCD, Porn, shopping, phone addiction,


Religious guilt, escape a cult


Fear of needles


Coping with ageing


Anxiety – anticipatory, dining out, bathroom, courtroom, no reply, musician nerves, test results, wedding nerves


Breaking bad habits- nail biting, hair pulling, lip biting, nervous smile


Body dysmorphia


Childless – not by choice


Self harm




Noise sensitivity


Coping with disfigurement


Communication skills


Being assertive


Compulsive lying


Expressing your opinions


Listening skills


Saying no


No more Mr/Mrs Nice Guy


Stop apologising


Stand up for yourself




Stop giving advice


Dealing with difficult people – Narcissist, moody, no it alls


Depression self help- Winter blues, Depressed Partner


Emotional Intelligence – Anger management, Acceptance, Birthday blues, be humble, control your emotions, crying in arguments, detach from fear, don’t be ashamed, express your emotions, express love, feeling like a failure, forgiveness, impulse control, letting go, Road Rage, Stop being Cynical/irritable/Stubborn/resentful, expecting to fail


Enjoying life – Stop Wasting your time, live in the moment, be more spontaneous, Stuck in a Rut, Try new things


Fears and Phobias- Agoraphobia, Birds, Snakes, Spiders, dentist, Exams, Driving, Change, Clowns, Crowds, Death, Doctors, Heights, Hospitals, Poverty, Missing out, Sharks, Sick people, Panic attacks, Unfamiliar surroundings


Grief and Loss- Death of a loved one, homesickness, mending a broken heart, Suicide


Covid recovery


Healthier you- Pelvic floor, positive menopause, Overactive bladder, IBS help


Healthy eating- Eating disorders, Gluten free living, Picky eaters, Stop hating cooking



And Soo much more! If you have an issue and you need a new tool to fix it. Try Hypno!

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